Finally, I'm safe and sound back to KL!

Well, I know everyone is eager to see what I brought back from Shanghai, yeap, I had taken more than 500 photos for the whole trip! One of the trips that I had taken the most photos in a trip, or more precisely, in an exhibition!

I had never seen so many people flocking into the same place at the same time for the same reason! It's more than A-Mei's concert that only have 30,000 audience, guess what! There are 8 main entrance gates for visitors and when we were lucky to be in the least visitors'gate, but still with about 1,000 travel coach in one open space carpark!

And the photo I captured was only one of the 40 bus parking bays for the whole expo!
Alright, now comes the time after a good Q-up of 20 minutes as we are holding the more privileged tickets which is RMB 900 that good for 7 repeated visits.
one of the first pavilions is our neighboring country - Sawadeekrap! 

As it's too near to us and I had visited too many times, plus you have to queue up at least two hours to enter, I have to say sorry to my Thai's friends...

Then come the next is Australia, well, another three to fours hours queue,
NO WAY I gonna do that!

Singapore Pavilion is one of the most popular pavilion for visitors, the exterior is silverish finishing, ultra modern design.

Again, the queue is one of the longest as you have to make sure you wee wee before you start your queue, else, you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere while queue till half way.

then comes to our motherland, Malaysia with Minbangkabau exterior design, which is one of the most unique pavilion, but you know, as Malaysian, we have been seeing this too many times, I don't have any curiosity to visit but the foreign tourists are very passionate about it! The queue is at least two hours.

me and my country!

the night view of Malaysia pavilion is awesome with harmonious lighting effect!

My comment to our country's pavilion is 70/100, the strange thing is when you see Ogawa Massage Chair sales booth inside the pavilion, some more got free testing of Alicafe's kiosk, must ask our Dato Ng Yen Yen for her precious opinion for this. :p

to be conitnued...


Melissa said...

where is the rest of the pictures? haha..

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