There are two exciting matters happening over this great week, firstly, I finally have my own blog diary to share with all my beloved friends, colleagues, classmates, travel buddies and anyone of you who loves traveling!

Secondly, of course, the hottest cake in the world right now about Shanghai! I am truly excited to have a chance to witness the once-every-50-years event - World Expo 2010.

Being a tour leader for a decade, Shanghai has nothing much new to me besides the development of new shopping malls and residences. However, this trip will be totally unique as the whole world is now in SHANGHAI!!!

I am preparing the trip on this coming Sunday with 17 lovely tour members ( in one happy family! ), let's get set for this auspicious trip together and I will updates all of you with my lovely camera shots as soon as I can.

Stay tuned, buddies!


Melissa said...

when are your other new posts coming up?

Errol Yap said...

Very very soon, I was focusing on the template and layout of the blog yesterday with the designer, and we decided to go clean, sleek and simple. The layout and design you can see now is the finished work.

The blog posts will be up by tomorrow or day after. Don't forget to come back more often. :)

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